Cause Of Sun Perfect Storm Illuminated By Scientists Using Unh Detector

Cause Of Sun Perfect Storm Illuminated By Scientists Using Unh Detector
In a paper published today in Nature Communications, an international team of scientists, including three from the University of New Hampshire's Space Science Center, uncovers the origin and cause of an extreme space weather event that occurred on July 22, 2012 at the sun and generated the fastest solar wind speed ever recorded directly by a solar wind instrument.

The formation of the rare, powerful storm showed striking, novel features that were detected by a UNH-built instrument on board NASA's twin-satellite Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory (STEREO) mission. An instrument led by the University of California, Berkeley also made key measurements.

This image combines data from two coronagraphs and an extreme ultra-violet imager (green) on STEREO A. The CME is the bright streaks emanating from the sun. A coronagraph is a telescope that uses a disk to block the sun's bright surface revealing the solar corona.

Credit: Image courtesy of NASA.

The 2012 storm was so powerful that had it been aimed at Earth instead of at the STEREO A spacecraft, which was located 120 degrees off to the side of Earth, the consequences would have been dramatic: widespread aurora, satellite malfunctions, and potential for failures with ground-based electricity grids.

To date, it has been unclear how extreme space weather storms form and evolve. Developing a better understanding of their causes is vital to protect modern society and its technological infrastructures, and is one of the goals of the STEREO mission.

NASA movie of the July 22, 2012 coronal mass ejection. The heavy sprinkling of white streaks after the CME are very energetic protons striking the spacecraft's imagers.

Courtesy of NASA.

"These results provide a new view crucial to solar physics and space weather as to how an extreme space weather event can arise from a combination of multiple solar eruptions," says research assistant professor No'e Lugaz of the UNH Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space (EOS) and a coauthor on the Nature Communications paper.

Lead author is Ying D. Liu of the State Key Laboratory of Space Weather, National Space Science Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The authors suggest it was the successive, one-two punch of solar eruptions known as coronal mass ejections (CMEs) that was the key to the event, which blasted away from the sun at 3,000 kilometers per second-a speed that would circle the Earth five times in one minute. Detecting the successive eruptions would not have been possible prior to STEREO.

"In a sense, this was the 'perfect storm'," Lugaz says. "The first, fast eruption greased the skids for the quick propagation of the subsequent, extremely fast eruptions through interplanetary space."

CMEs are clouds of magnetic fields and plasma-a hot gas composed of charged particles-and, in the July 2012 event, the in-transit interaction between two closely launched CMEs resulted in the unusually powerful and fast-moving space weather event.

Says EOS research professor Charles Farrugia, coauthor on the paper, "Remarkably, this is reminiscent of the great solar flare in 1859, the Carrington Event, and the geomagnetic storm of unheard of intensity in Earth's magnetosphere, or magnetic field, that occurred less than one day later."

Adds coauthor Antoinette Galvin, EOS research professor and principal investigator on STEREO's PLAsma and Supra-Thermal Ion Composition (PLASTIC) instrument that detected the extremely fast solar wind protons, "STEREO has dramatically improved our understanding of the powerful solar eruptions that can send more than a billion tons of the sun's outer atmosphere hurtling into space."

PLASTIC, together with the University of California, Berkeley-led In-situ Measurements of Particles and CME Transients (IMPACT) instrument, made the critical measurements of the July 2012 solar storm.

The STEREO mission, launched in October 2006, is comprised of two nearly identical spacecraft the size of golf carts. Their observations enable scientists to construct the first-ever three-dimensional views of the sun. PLASTIC provides plasma characteristics of protons, alpha particles and heavy ions. Solar wind protons and alpha particles constitute most of the mass in the solar wind and are therefore the primary components exerting kinetic pressure on the Earth's magnetosphere-one of the drivers for space weather.

Contacts and sources:

David Sims

University of New Hampshire

Bigfoot Roaming Lummi Indian Reservation In Bellingham Washington

Bigfoot Roaming Lummi Indian Reservation In Bellingham Washington
Sighting on October 21, 2010Time: Daytime.

Hello Brian, I am not really sure of who to contact, but I hope that you might be the person that can help me. I live on the Lummi Indian Reservation in Bellingham Washington. My husband and myself live on my grandfather land for about 12 years now.

Our encounter with bigfoot when we first moved in our new home was 12 years ago. I had not seen or heard of bigfoot in my life, until we moved on my grandfather land. I am very upset because no one will investigate this stranger. It makes it self known almost every other day. If you can contact me it would be greatly appreciated.

So far there are three in this small community which I have heard on several occasions. Today while I was outside, I heard noise in the woods, soon after an eagle started making noises as well. Then out of no where, I seen Bigfoot come out of woods. It has taken me by surprise and I screamed and ran back into the house.

My husband asked me not to bother Bigfoot and leave them along. I get scared because I am alone most of the time. Please Help.


"Since I am posting this report, I will get going this weekend and write up the Sasquatch experience that took place between Prince Rupert and Terrace, B.C. It is a dandy."

If you have seen anything like this in the same area please be kind enough to contact Brian Vike at: "" with the details of your sighting. "ALL PERSONAL INFORMATION IS KEPT CONFIDENTIAL."


Ufo Hunters Stephenville Lights Fumble

Ufo Hunters Stephenville Lights Fumble

By Mike Fortson


It's with great disgust that I write this.

As one who has witnessed the fantastic, I waited with great anticipation for the UFO Hunter's episode on the "Stephenville Lights" case. What I watched was a complete fumble of the "UFO football"... completely out of bounds, and just out of the stadium!

As an observer to an incredibly massive unidentified object myself, I understand the great importance of telling the story of the "Stephenville Lights" openly, truthfully, and with the best witnesses available; not by triangulating a weather balloon and comment, "now that looks like a UFO!" No, it's an IFO (identified flying object i.e., a weather balloon)!

Why do they continually redefine the term, "UFO" as an alien craft? An "unidentified aerial object" until determined otherwise, is just that, i.e., a UFO... not necessarily alien-period! They continually say, "that might be a UFO!". Well, if it cannot be identified at the time, it IS a UFO! Most likely not alien, but at that time, "not identified."

I really wish the word or term UFO would just go away.

My question here is, "why did they not get the most important witnesses to this case on the show?" Where was Rick Sorrells? He has witnessed the large craft several times. Including once while deer hunting on his property in daytime! He described the massive object while looking thru his scope on his rifle! Where is this interview? Where is Steve Allen's interview? He's a licensed pilot and witnessed the lights/object first hand. Where is his interview? Where is the Angelia Joiner interview? She's the reporter who first broke the story. Why wasn't she interviewed? There are also three police officers who witnessed the large craft.... calling it a massive craft...where is that interview?

Instead the UFO Hunter's claim to have a "never-seen-before video" from Mr. Dave Coran. Except that video first was seen on the Internet on March 5, 2008. What gives here? Where is the investigating? Where is the truth?

There was a part of this so-called investigation that was intriguing.... a video of a beam of light that failed to touch the ground. Wow! Are you kidding? Now here's something incredibly unusual. Now the question is this.... did their so-called scientist try to recreate this weird incident? No. Why not? Could it be that this is known to be "highly unusual" and they knew it could not be duplicated by their pseudo-science?

So, in my eyes they failed to get the most important witnesses. They failed to explain how a beam of light that stopped short of touching the ground could happen. Instead they launched a weather balloon and claimed it to look like a UfO.

I have but one thing to say to the UFO Hunters.... PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE...stay away from the "Massive UFO Flyover of Arizona, March 13, 1997".

See Also:

The Non-Investigation of the Phoenix Lights- My View

Yes, Folks the 10 PM Videos are Flares...


Grab this Headline Animator


Istilah Ufo

Istilah Ufo

Sampai sejauh ini ada beberapa istilah untuk menyebut benda terbang yang tidak dikenal (tidak teridentifikasi), pertama adalah FLYING SAUCER atau diterjemahkan sebagai piring terbang. Penggunaan istilah ini populer sejak tahun 1947, terutama ketika media massa di Amerika meliput pengalaman pilot Kenneth Arnold.

Namun menggunaan kata piring (saucer) sudah pernah ada pada tahun 1878, ketika seorang petani Texas bernama John Martin melihat benda aneh. Sebenarnya John Martin tidak mengatakan bahwa bentuknya benda terbang aneh yang dilihatnya itu seperti piring, namun mengatakan bahwa besarnya terlihat seperti sebesar piring.

Sama halnya dengan Kenneth Arnold, juga tidak mengatakan bahwa bentuk benda terbang misterius itu seperti piring, bahkan dia menyebutnya lebih seperti bulan sabit, namun gerakannya seperti piring dilemparkan di atas air. Anehnya, kemudian, banyak foto-foto beredar yang memperlihatkan benda terbang misterius berbentuk piring terbang.

Penampakan benda terbang aneh di Vancouver,

Canada pada tahun 1973

Penampakan benda terbang aneh di pulau Catalina,

USA pada 9 Juli 1947

Penampakan benda terbang aneh di Pescara,

Italia pada tahun 1957

Pada tahun 1952, Kapten Edward J. Ruppelt, direktur pertama dari Project Blue Book, memperkenalkan istilah UFO yang merupakan singkatan dari Unidentified Flying Objects (pada waktu itu pihak militer amerika, khususnya USAF, menyingkatnya dengan UFOB).

Sebelumnya, pada perang dunia kedua, benda terbang misterius ini sering disebut dengan istilah Foo Fighter, obyek berkilauan yg banyak terbang di angkasa. Disebut sebagai foo fighter karena sering dianggap sebagai foo atau foe (lawan) sebab benda terbang aneh itu bukan berasal dari armada kawan (walaupun tidak pernah mengganggu atau menyerang).

Belakangan, ada yang menyebut benda terbang misterius ini dengan istilah UAP atau "UNIDENTIFIED AERIAL PHENOMENA", atau ada yang menyebutnya "Unusual Aerial Phenomena." Istilah UAP ini diperkenalkan oleh J. Allen Hynek. Di kalangan pilot atau pekerja bandara, mereka lebih sering menggunakan istilah UAP. Pihak yang skeptik juga lebih suka menggunakan istilah UAP daripada UFO. Namun di media massa, istilah UFO lebih sering digunakan walau nampaknya ada upaya untuk mempopulerkan istilah UAP.

Di perancis dan spanyol atau negara-negara amerika latin, istilah yang digunakan adalah OVNI. Kalau menurut bahasa spanyol, OVNI merupakan singkatan dari "Objeto Volador No Identificado", sementara bahasa perancisnya berarti "Objet volant non identifi'e."


Di Indonesia memang populer dengan istilah piring terbang. Istilah UFO juga secara umum dimengerti oleh kebanyakan orang. Namun pada tahun 70-80an, pernah ada istilah BETA yang merupakan singkatan dari Benda Terbang Aneh. Istilah ini diperkenalkan oleh Marsekal Muda TNI (Purn) J. Salatun. Kemudian ada juga istilah BETEBEDI yang merupakan akronim dari Benda Terbang Belum Dikenal. Mengapa dipergunakan istilah BELUM dan bukannya TIDAK? Di sekitar tahun 80-an pernah terbit beberapa edisi majalah dengan nama BETEBEDI. Alasan menggunakan kata "belum" adalah kalau menggunakan kata "tidak" maka selamanya akan tidak dikenal. Tapi kalau menggunakan kata "belum", maka ada harapan akan terkuak dan suatu saat dikenal.

Istilah BETEBEDI maupun BETA tidak populer di kalangan orang Indonesia. Seorang menulis di Wikipedia namun yang tertulis adalah Beterbedi (dengan huruf "r") dan tulisan ini dikutip di beberapa situs internet. Di Wikipedia disebutkan bahwa Beterbedi (Benda Terbang Belum Dikenal), merupakan istilah yang diperkenalkan oleh J.Salatun. Tapi ini tidak benar. Menurut saya, yang memperkenalkan istilah BETEBEDI adalah C.M. Tanadi, seorang yang berprofesi sebagai akuntan publik yang tinggal di Bandung. Beliau adalah pengamat UFO juga di tahun 80-an dan banyak menerbitkan buku-buku UFO (dengan nama Yayasan Tanadi dengan alamat waktu itu di Ciwulan No 32 Bandung.

Istilah BETA sendiri, nampaknya oleh J. SALATUN tidak dipopulerkan dan hanya muncul di bukunya yang terbit di tahun 1960. Sementara buku keduanya yang terbit pada tahun 1982, menggunakan istilah UFO. Kalau tidak karena milis BETA-UFO, barangkali istilah BETA ini sudah tidak pernah dipakai lagi. Bahkan banyak yang belum tahu bahwa kata BETA di BETA-UFO itu merupakan singkatan dari Benda Terbang Aneh.

Yang menarik adalah, mengapa kita tidak punya sebuah nama khusus untuk menyebut benda terbang misterius ini. Sejauh ini yang dianggap sebagai nama adalah "piring terbang", sementara lainnya adalah nama yang merupakan singkatan. Menarik juga bahwa aliens disebut sebagai EBE (lagi-lagi singkatan) yang merupakan singkatan dari Extraterrestrial Biological Entity. Atau bahkan ALF yang merupakan kependekan dari Alien Life Form, atau ELF ("Extraterrestrial Life Form").

Di Indonesia sendiri, bagaimana kita melafalkan UFO? Apakah dengan Yuo Ef Ow atau yufo atau ufo?

Atau kita mau mempopulerkan istilah baru yang merupakan terjemahan dari UAP? Misalnya kalau diterjemahkan sebagai Fenomena Angkasa Tidak Umum, maka bisa-bisa disingkat sebagai FATU)

ISTILAH UFO DI BEBERAPA NEGARAUntuk tambahan, di negara lain punya istilah berbeda untuk menyebut UFO (sesuai bahasanya), misalnya:

1. Kroasia : NLO (Neidentificirani Leteci Objekti)

2. Jepang : mi-kakunin hiko buttai atau Yuufoo (melafalkan dari akronim UFO)

3. Portugis : OVNI (Objecto Voador N~ao Identificado)

4. Rumania : OZN - Obiect Zburator (=Flying) Neidentificat

5. Jerman : Unbekanntes Flugobjekt = UFO

6. Cina : bu-ming fei-xing wu-ti

7. Arab : gism Taa'ir ghayr muhaddad (berarti UFO) atau saHn Taa'ir (piring terbang)

8. Czechna : melafalkan UFO dengan "oo-faw" namun sering menyebutnya dengan NLO seperti di Kroasia.

9. Hindi/Urdu : Udan Tashtari

10. Swedia : UFO namun untuk piring terbang disebut "flygande tefat"

11. Turki : melafalkan ufo dengan "oo fau" dan kata "ucan daire" yang berarti piring terbang sementara alien disebut "Uzayli"

12. Italia : OVNI = oggetto volante non identificato

13. Norwegia : UFO = "uidentifisert flyvende objekt"

14. Belanda : Ongeidentificeerd vliegend object namun sering disebut UFO.

15. Rusia : NLO (neopoznannyj letayuschij ob'ekt)

16. Slovakia : NLP (NEZNANI LETECI PREDMET) yang artinya "unknown flying object"

17. Yunani : ATIA (agak susah ditulis karena pakai huruf yunani) yang artinya "Flying Object of Unknown Identity" sementara piring terbang diterjemahkan

"iptamenos diskos"

18. Serbia : NLO - Neidentifikovani Leteci Objekat

19. Finlandia : UFO atau "lent"av"a lautanen" (=flying saucer)

20. Vietnam : di~a bay

21. Esperanto : NIFO (Neidentebla Fluganta Objekto)

Fenomena UFO memang ada di mana-mana dan sudah mendunia...


Tulisan ini merupakan tulisan dari BAPAK NUR AGUSTINUS, salah satu pendiri komunitas BETA-UFO INDONESIA, selengkapnya bisa dibaca di BETAUFO.MULTIPLY.COM

Ufo Crashes Into Volcano

Ufo Crashes Into Volcano
A spaceship from Planet Gootan has crashed into a Mexican volcano.

The spaceship dove headlong into the smoldering caldera of a Mexican volcano.

Popocatepetl, an active volcano in the Puebla state of southern Mexico, was being recorded by media company Televisa the evening of May 30 when a light-emitting and fast-flying object appeared to make a quick left turn in order to fly directly into the top of the erupting mountain.

The spaceship entered the volcano and never came out. Witnesses say they heard a "very loud explosion" soon after the spaceship entered the volcano.

WWN contacted the U.N. Panel on Extraterrestrials. Dr. John Malley, the Director of the U.N. Panel told WWN, "we believe that the spaceship that went into the Mexican volcano was from Planet Gootan. The spaceship was most likely shot out of the sky by a spaceship from Planet Zeeba."

Aliens from Planet Gootan and Planet Zeeba have reportedly been on Earth since October of 2010. In short, the Gootans are bad, the Zeebans are good.

Governments around the world continue to deny the existence of the aliens on Earth and are conspiring with the mainstream media to cover it all up.


2014 Ufos Ufo Sighting In Schenectady

2014 Ufos Ufo Sighting In Schenectady

I was outside smoking a cigarette star gazing as I often do when I saw a steady moving light that was moving faster than any plane I've ever seen. It came from directly south and was heading directly north according to my compass. It didn't appear to speed up nor did it slow down. I looked around for a plane to compare it to and I couldn't find one which was odd because I usually see them often living within an hour from the airport. It had come and gone within 90 seconds I'd say. I continued to watch because I wanted to see if I could locate a plane or was curious if something was going to follow its path. Within about two minuets I witnessed a slower moving object with a steady blinking light come from the east to the west. It didn't have a red and green starboard and port lights like most planes and it was a very clear sky. All of these events took place between 620 pm and 625 pm. I didn't stay to watch the blinking light because it would have took far too long for it to leave eye sight. I would say the first object was moving at least 4 to 5 times the speed of the second object.


Credit: MUFON

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Pulsar Devours Companion Life Gets Off To Easy Start And New Mexicos New Spaceport

Pulsar Devours Companion Life Gets Off To Easy Start And New Mexicos New Spaceport
Welcome! "Alien Life" tracks the latest discoveries and thoughts in the various elements of the famous Drake Equation. Here's today's news:

g STARS - The European Space Agency's Integral space observatory, together with NASA's Rossi X-ray Timing Explorer spacecraft, has found a fast-spinning pulsar in the process of devouring its companion. This finding supports the theory that the fastest-spinning isolated pulsars get that fast by cannibalizing a nearby star. See article.

g ABODES - In a twist to the proverbial snowball effect, warmer Arctic temperatures are stimulating plant growth, which darkens the landscape and causes more sunlight to be absorbed rather than reflected. The result: Winter heating could increase by 70 percent, according to a new study. See article.

g LIFE - Life was easier to start than originally thought: An international team of scientists, leaded by Universitat Aut`onoma de Barcelona researchers, has discovered that RNA early molecules were much more resistant than was thought until now. According to the conclusions of the study, they may have developed enough to contain around 100 genes, which is considered to be the minimum quantity required for the most basic forms of primitive life, similar to the bacteria we have today. The research was published in Nature Genetics. See article.

g INTELLIGENCE - Schizotypes are people able to walk the fine line between creativity and insanity and a new study confirms that they rely more heavily on the right sides of their brains than the rest of us. See article.

g MESSAGE - Any nonreproducing alien probes discovered in the Solar System during the normal course of future SETI research would most likely have been sent by extraterrestrial civilizations located within a 1000 light-year radius of the Sun, whereas any self-reproducing devices similarly detected probably originated far outside this exploration sphere. See article.

g COSMICUS - New Mexico state officials foresee a Southwest Regional Spaceport as a boon for business. See article.

g LEARNING - Here's a neat Web site for elementary students: History of the Universe site tells the story of the history of the universe. Click "Earlier" and "Later" to follow the story. See site.

g IMAGINING - Are there any alternatives to DNA or RNA, as an "X-Files" episode said there was? See article.

g AFTERMATH - How might we characterize the political significance of any announcement of discovering extraterrestrial intelligence? How about using the Torino Scale, which characterizes asteroid impacts, as a model to assist the discussion and interpretation of any claimed discovery of ETI? See article.

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